Deep Drip® Watering Stakes

Don't wait until it is too late. Deep Drip watering stakes help you to water and fertilize your trees, shrubs and plants at the root. The Deep Drip tree and plant watering system saturates the ground allowing the roots to grow deep and strong. Water goes where it is needed, at the root. The soil is better aerated with oxygen and your trees will avoid horizontal growth of their roots resulting in exposed roots.

Our Deep Drip Watering Stakes help you practice sensible water conservation. Tree watering bags only water at the surface, often not getting the water very deep. Our Watering Stakes water immediately, deep underground resulting in shorter watering periods. We believe in no wastage. That means that the watering you do is both responsible and effective.

The Deep Drip System is designed to work with a garden hose, bubbler, flood irrigation, or in conjunction with your automatic watering system. A standard 0.25 inch drip line connects through the cap of the Deep Drip Stake. Fertilizer can be added into the shaft of the stake to continually direct nutrients to the root zone.

Our stakes are constructed of recyclable ABS plastic. Our commitment to the environment, and to providing you our customer with a long lasting and strong product, makes worthy the investment in production.

Multiple holes in the bottom half of the stake, covered by a mesh filter, allows water to flow out and keeps dirt from getting in and clogging the tube. The UV protected cap acts as a protective and reinforced cover when hammering the stake into the ground. It also keeps rocks and leaves from entering the shaft of the stake and holds the 0.25 inch drip line securely in place. The cap protects the emitter head from squirrels or other animals.

We recommend repositioning the stake beneath the outer edge of the tree's canopy. With two holes at the top of the upper shaft, you can remove and replace the unit. Just insert a screwdriver in the holes, gently twist left and right then pull up.

The Deep Drip watering system is easy to use. Your garden, flowers trees and shrubs are more effectively watered, deep at the roots where it matters. That results in a garden and tree filled lawn you can be proud of while protecting the environment and conserving water.

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