Deep Drip® FAQ

1. Will Deep Drip Stakes penetrate my clay soil?

Yes they will, although soaking the soil before inserting the stake will make things easier, the stake is very strong and the cap is re-enforced.

2. The cap will break if I hit it with a sledge hammer.

The stake is very strong, we test them with up to 1000 hits with no breakage, the cap and tip is especially engineered to withstand a 3lb sledge hammer.

3. I don't have an automatic drip line, how will I water with your stakes?

You can use a hose, with a slow flow rate. Or build a dam or wall around the tree and fill with water, this allows the water to slowly flow down to the roots.

4. Where do I place the stakes to achieve the best watering of the tree roots?

Place the stakes on the edge of the trees leaf canopy.

5. Many of my customers are seniors, how will they install the Deep Drip Stakes?

Gardner's and Landscapers are used by many seniors for regular garden maintenance, plus if they are installing new trees they simply place the stake in the hole and backfill with earth.

6. Are Deep Drip stakes removable?

Yes, simply insert a screwdriver or similar tool through the top holes on the stake just below the cap, twist left and right and pull the stake out.

7. I live in a part of the country that has lots of water, do I need Deep Drip?

Yes, Deep Drip not only waters to the deep roots, it allows for the supply of fertilizers and nutrients directly to the root zone. Aeration is also a direct benefit to the root systems ensuring healthy trees for many years.

8. How long will the stakes last when in the ground?

They will last for many years as they are made of ABS plastic.

John Heath of London says:

I have a clay soil condition, and I have struggled to grow healthy trees. I tried different watering methods, but most seem to only water the surface. I dug down about 8 to 9 inch's and found no water, even after hosing the area. I installed Deep Drip Stakes around several of my trees, after two months I dug down and surprise surprise, the ground was damp and my trees actually look greener, Great Product!!

Philip of Ascot says:

My experience using Deep Drip stakes came about because I had planted many new conifers, over 30. Within six months some started to show brown leaf edges. I placed a stake either side of the trees leaf canopy and watered them every two days. The result after six weeks is fantastic, the brown seems to be fading and the trees look much healthier. I like the fact my watering works and I conserve water by no wastage.
Thank you